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 Lot DescriptionMonthly Amount
1401 Harwood Street (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$180.00
2609 Elm St (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$300.00
3912 Ross Ave (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$120.00
51001 Hall St. (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$21.00
62115 Elm Street (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$100.00
102201 Main - Surface (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$70.00
122203 Elm Street (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$90.00
18309-317 S. Ervay (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$100.00
202101 Main St Dallas 75201 (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$120.00
212210-2218 Elm St. (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$85.00
232306 Pacific (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$70.00
482905 Main St. / Near Elm (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$42.00
543001-3007 Elm / Walton (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$42.00
59210 Hall St. - Lot 59 (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$42.00
731720 Young Street (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$80.00
77811 South Akard (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$50.00
81702 South Ervay (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$60.00
95807 Browder St. (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$50.00
971706 Wood St. (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking)$100.00